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  • Mobile home-based PT services (Medicare pays 80%  & supplements usually pay 20%)

  • Passionate Physical Therapist dedicated to great care!

  • Lots of personal attention ... 1:1 visits are typically 45 minutes - 1 hour 

  • Fun, innovative, evidenced-based exercises for great results! 

  • Expertise in designing interventions for the fit as well as the frail, medically complex







  • Comprehensive functional evaluations  
  • Highly individualized treatment plans 
  • Home exercise program instruction to address acute or chronic deficits 
  • Post home health, nursing home, and hospitalization services
  • Parkinson's Disease intervention with LSVT BIG protocol
  • Specialization in balance testing and intervention to address fall risk
  • Collaborative relationships with patient support system, medical community,               and community resources
  • Caregiver/family training for longterm maintenance programs
  • Private-pay medically-supervised fitness programs
Medicare pays for Physical Therapy with orders from your doctor as long as the services are medically necessary and appropriate.


“She takes old people and makes young ones out of them."                                                      Helen 85yo


“You do things that really make a difference.  I'm doing things I never thought possible.  I can get on the floor with my grandchildren again.”                     Lindy 92yo


"You don't change people, you motivate people to change themselves."                          D. Dell, MD

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